#1 Shane Madolora

Games Played 15; Save Percentage 91.6%; Goals Against Average 2.51; Shutouts 3

Paul Balm
Shane was the third injury replacement netminder we’ve had in the last three seasons and for me he was probably the best. He stepped up to the mark when Miika was unavailable through injury and then reacted well to the competition when he returned. I was surprised, at the time, that he didn’t get a game in the play-offs but given the way Miika played I guess Corey made the right decision.

Jono Bullard
I liked Madolora, he was a steady netminder and put up some good averages, however he wasn’t as good Miika Wiikman and once the Finn was back to full fitness Madolora’s chances were always going to be limited.
I felt the club brought him in too late to make a difference to our title challenge after an awful December but his precedes did steady the ship once again.

Andy Haywood
It was a case of about time when Madalora arrived at Panthers and at first I wasn’t overly impressed. I thought he looked average at best, but as he got comfortable with the surroundings and trained with his team he became better and better and ended up with some fine displays, giving him 3 shutouts from his 15 games putting him joint 4th with Wiikman in the league.
I still regarded him as the number two behind Wiikman, despite him putting up slightly better numbers than him during his short stay in Nottingham.

Aaron Lord
Coming in to a team part way through a season is never easy and I would say for a netminder it is just that little bit tougher. Joining the club on January 6th meant Madolora was joining a team that hadn’t had the greatest of festive periods and making his debut against Cardiff in the BBT was probably the toughest start he could have had. I liked Madalora, different to Miika but I thought he was a solid net minder, very good in a one on one situation and seemed to settle in to the team pretty much straight away. With Miika’s injury niggles you could argue he possibly should of played more but a good find at that time of the year in my eyes.

Tina Taylor
Unfortunately Shane Madolora arrived a few weeks too late and our festive period slump was already well underway, but he was a very welcome sight when he finally did arrive. Signed originally as cover for Wiikman, either he insisted on staying for the rest of the season or the Panthers learnt from last season’s hokey-cokey netminding (You send your Modig home, you bring him back, in-out-in-out…..etc), either way, he’s been decent when called upon. A notable period towards the end of the season saw him let in one goal in three starts until the Steelers arrived to spoil the party!
I would personally choose Wiikman over Madolora in most circumstances but he’s acquitted himself well and if we don’t have Wiikman back next season, I wouldn’t be disappointed if it was Madolora instead.

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