Hall of Fame

The Cat’s Whiskers Hall of Fame was first published in Issue #4 in February 2002. A commitee of fans got together to choose the inductee’s, of which there were five before the fanzine ceased publication in 2003. The Hall of Fame was revived when the online version of The Cat’s Whiskers went live in May 2008. Four more inductees were added in 2009 to bring the total number of members to nine.

The committee met to choose new inductee’s who meet the following criteria:

  • Nominees must have played for, coached or been part of the Panthers organisation for at least two full seasons
  • Nominated players or coaches must have left the club for at least one full season
  • Nominated players must be retired
  • Anyone connected with the Panthers can be nominated

The nine inductee’s currently in the Hall of Fame are as follows:

Gary Keward – Inducted February 2002

Terry Kurtenbach – Inducted February 2002

Les Strongman – Inducted February 2002

Victor ‘Chick’ Zamick – Inducted March 2003

Randall Weber – Inducted March 2003

Alex Dampier – Inducted April 2009

Andy Smith – Inducted April 2009

Paul Adey – Inducted April 2009

Simon Hunt – Inducted April 2009

  1 comment for “Hall of Fame

  1. Michael Chambers
    February 27, 2016 at 11:12 am

    Consider these players on the account of appearances (loyalty) bill allen, john bremner,gavin fraser,nigel rhodes,bill ringer, lorne smith,ashley tait,mat trickett, graham waghorn,gerry watson,kenny westman, all over 340 games


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