Alex Penner – January 2012

Alex ‘Weapon X’ Penner iced 30 games for the Nottingham Panthers in his Elite League career, however he left an everlasting impression on those who watched him on the ice.
After his release by the Panthers in January 2011 he went back to Colorado Eagles and remains there in the ECHL.
Alex spoke to Jay Courtney.

So what attracted you to hockey when you were younger?
Just being a kid growing up in Canada you’re bread to play hockey like most English kids are towards football. It’s every kids dream to grow up and score the game winning goal in the Stanley Cup.

Which players inspired you to play hockey?
I enjoyed watching Bob Probert and Tony Twist, and other greats like Wendel Clarke.

When you were starting out in hockey, you used to be a goalie why the change to enforcer?
You can’t hit and fight as a goalie!

Some people know you one of your team mates is your brother Andrew Penner (Eagles netminder). What is it like having a sibling as a team mate?
It’s always great to be able to share your dream of winning a champion and to enjoy that feeling with a sibling just makes it feel that much better.

In 2009/10 you signed for the Colorado Eagles, where one would assume you have a strong affinity for the Eagles, what is it about Colorado that you really like?
I enjoy playing for the Colorado Eagles because they’re the most professional team from top to bottom and they take care of their players. The facilities are very nice and waking up to 300 days of sun a year and the beautiful Rocky Mountains isn’t bad either.

After your first season with the Eagles you moved to Nottingham. Was there any reason you decided to move to the UK?
I just thought that it would be nice to go abroad gain some experience.

What did you make of British Ice Hockey?
I wish they had the right guy involved in the sport over there because I feel like there’s so much potential over there. Just need to understand the game more.

The Panthers announced that you left as you had ‘nobody else left to fight’ was that true?
That is not a lie. With the absence of Sean McMorrow and other potential fighters there wasn’t anyone left, maybe Voth but everyone knows he’s a coward.

You played 30 games for the Panthers, do you personally feel you contributed to the double success even though you were in Colorado when the Panthers lifted the Play-off title and the Challenge Cup?
There is no way I can say I helped or contributed to their wins. What they accomplished after I left they did on their own with no help from me. I’m happy for some of the guys on team that won and I hope they continue doing well in their careers and keep winning more.

On the ice you’re a no nonsense man, what are you like off the ice?
I’m a very laid back, peaceful guy. I like to keep things simple and just make sure I enjoy my life and I’m always doing things that make me happy and never take anything for granted. My main enjoyment is fighting though. On and off the ice. I started train with a personal friend and Mauy Thai trainer Steve Proctor who has worked with UFC fighter Mark ‘The Machine’ Hominick and late trainer Shawn Tompkins. Now I’m training at local MMA gym in Fort Collins ‘Trails’ operated by UFC fighter Ed ‘Short Fuse’ Herman and MMA fighter Ryan ‘The Lion’ Shultzs. As long as I get to fight, eat and sleep I’ll be a happy man.

And the last question, if you could describe yourself in five words what would they be?
One Bad Ass Mother ****** ha ha ha. I’m not sure I think I will know that awesome closer to death. But honestly I think It’s better to let the people you meet along in life to pick the words that are most fitting for you .

The Cat’s Whiskers would like to thank Alex for his time and Jay for conducting the interview.

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