The Cat’s Whiskers first appeared as a printed fanzine in October 2000. Five issues were produced, which were sold at Panthers home games, and proceeds from sales were given in sponsorship to the Nottingham Lions. The final printed issue was produced in February 2003.

A five year hiatus followed before TCW returned online in May 2008. Several articles and interviews from the original were reproduced along with new content.

As the website grew, more features were added and new services offered. A match night text commentary service, TCW Live was launched at the start of the 2009/10 season which gave coverage of Panthers games, home and away for three seasons.

Cat’s Whiskers TV then followed, a weekly magazine show on YouTube which reported on the Panthers and the rest of the EIHL. Cat’s Whiskers TV became The Cat’s Whiskers Podcast in 2014 and now continues into its sixth season for 2019/20.

Other Podcasts from The Cat’s Whiskers stable include #AskTCW (launched 2016) and My Top Line (Launched 2020)

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