#13 Juraj Kolnik

Games Played 65; Goals 33; Assists 40; PIMs 44; Plus/Minus +21

Paul Balm
Our top scorer but, for me, something of an enigma. He arrived in a fanfare of an NHL record and the resultant expectation which I thought he took a while to live up to. Like a lot of players with a huge amount of talent he could look lazy at times (people said the same about Ling) but that’s (hopefully) just because he could read a play better than us in the stands and knew the best ways to expend his energy. That said, when he turned up he could be unstoppable.

Jono Bullard
It’s clear to see why Kolnik played 250 games in the NHL, skill in abundance and a keen eye for goal. He’s the sort of player I really enjoy watching play, the sort who can make something happen. He reminded me of Jade Galbraith in a lot of ways, just not as lazy at times!
Would I like to see him back next season? 100% yes.

Andy Haywood
What a signing this guy was. Absolutely brilliant on the puck, difficult to dispossess and his point production was second to none, literally!! His 33 goals and 73 points led the team in both categories and he truly was the top line forward we hoped for when we signed him. At 35 years old age may be against him, but his skill and hockey brain was great and I hope we haven’t seen the last of him.

Aaron Lord
You can see how Kolnik played 250 games in the NHL and many more games across North America and Europe. A player with the experience and talent of Kolnik is a perfect fit for the EIHL, however at the age of 35 you could think he might be coming to pick up a last paycheck but far from it, Juraj Kolnik did not disappoint. A bit of joker, a great personality to have in the roster, great hands, could pick a pass out that not many other people could do and lead the team in points. What more could you ask for? A crucial cog in our wheels this year. What I loved was that you could see he enjoyed playing for the Panthers and I hope we get to see that 1 more year.

Tina Taylor
Yes. That is the answer to the question, ‘would I have Kolnik back’, and it is emphatic.
Plenty of goals, plenty of assists, good puck handler and he’s a great reader of the game. We’ve got Brad Moran on a two year deal and now Mosey’s coming back wouldn’t it make sense to lock in the final component of a great line that if we put it together from the off, has the potential to score a boat-load of goals?

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