Alexander Mokshantsev


Mokshantsev2018Photos by Panthers Images, used with kind permission, follow Panthers Images on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Games Played
CHL – 8
League – 56
Challenge Cup – 10
Play Offs – 4

Total Goals: 28 / Total Assists: 26 / Total PIMs: 57

Paul Balm
From wonder goals to defensive blunders Mokshantsev has it all. Don’t put any pressure on him and he could make a fool of you but he was too slight or too inexperienced to hold on to the puck.

Jono Bullard
Considering he was sold to the fan base by Corey Neilson as a fourth line player then Mokshantsev massively over-achieved. A very skilful player but often lightweight when challenged and could be easily muscled off the puck. That said you can’t argue with some of the goals he scored, a few of which wouldn’t have looked out of place in a NHL highlight reel. I doubt he’ll be back but I wouldn’t be at all disappointed if he was here for 2018/19.

Andy Haywood
Brilliant season from a complete unknown quantity. When he was signed he was touted as fast and skilful but probably a fourth liner, but he was so much more than that. He was fast, and boy was he skilled, when he was on the ice you paid attention as something special could happen. Of course it didn’t always happen, but when it did, see TPS Turku, boy was it special. If we keep him he’ll be welcomed back greatly, but expectations will be a lot higher in a second season.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Was looking like an absolute find early on, scoring some highlight reel goals and leading friends of mine from other teams to dub him one of the best players they’d seen in the EIHL. December came though and it seemed he became the 4th-liner Corey had signed at the beginning of the season…often appearing off the pace highlighted by a bizarre moment against Sheffield where he didn’t simply touch up the puck to bring play dead. If one player epitomized Panthers’ season, for me it was the Mok.

Adam Reddish
An unknown quantity who quickly became a cult hero to fans thanks to his CHL performances and highlight reel goals which saw him progress from someone expected to be a presence on the fourth line up into a top-six forward. Often capable of the sublime, his stick-handling and ability to glide around opponents almost at will created a huge buzz. However, as with most the roster, a poor December caused a tail-off in productivity and the early X-factor was somewhat lost with sides working out that engaging him in physicality also limiting Mok’s effectiveness.

Tina Taylor
Obviously has bags of skill, attempts things that leave your jaw hitting the floor and I think he’s going to have a flourishing hockey career, with the right line mates feeding him he’ll be very successful on the ice and in points, finishing as the Panthers top goal scorer isn’t too shabby.  A couple of observations though, he’s not a strong player and can be separated from the puck without too much fanfare and he isn’t too fond of backchecking but he’s young and still has time to develop, I’m sure he’s still got the capacity to round off his game.  His Instagram indicates that he won’t be coming back so I wish him luck, he was fun to watch and his next team will probably think so too.

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