Brett Perlini


Perlini (2)Photos by Panthers Images, used with kind permission, follow Panthers Images on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Games Played
League – 59
Challenge Cup – 8
Play Offs – 3

Total Goals: 18 / Total Assists: 24 / Total PIMs: 39

Joe Balm
Disappointing season for Perlini offensively, didn’t quite hit the heights he did last season but that may have been down to linemates.  An integral component in our brit core and a must keep for next season.

Sam Balm
It has been a case of the difficult second album for Perlini as he has struggled to match up to his debut season.  Having said this, Perlini found chemistry towards the back end of the season on a line with Farmer and Stewart.  Given Perlini is our best Brit I would retain him for next season and give this line time in pre-season as I feel it could do well for us.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Mr “10 year deal” last year has had a season to forget this.  Coming off an impressive EIHL debut season, Perlini was one of GB’s superstars as they memorably clinched Gold last year to gain promotion to the big leagues.  He showed flashes of his ability but whether it was down to the team around him, or his own play, he wasn’t great this year.  I’d still have him back for sure especially as he’s a Brit.  He has the quality, it’s just whether Panthers can get that going again on a consistent basis.

Adam Reddish
After a stellar first season as a Panther, hopes were high that Perlini would continue to provide the scoring punch that so endeared him to supporters last year.  Whether it was new line mates, or a changed style of hockey, Perlini really struggled throughout the first few months of the season with goals badly drying up.  This saw him placed on the third, sometimes fourth line, by Chernomaz; maybe with the intention of trying to remind Brett of what fans witnessed throughout 2017-18.  Belatedly, the goals started to come and he worked his way back up the lines until he was matched with Stewart and Farmer on what was clearly Panthers most effective trio of forwards all season.  As a high-end Brit, Perlini is a valuable commodity for the Panthers, and hopefully if back for next year then he’ll get off to a much brighter start and get back to being the instinctive sniper we all know he can be.

Tina Taylor
Perlini seemed to suffer with being bandied about amongst the lines and never really had the opportunity to get settled until the latter stages of the season when he was set up with Stewart and Farmer, that line looked like it was going places so it was a shame it took so long to come to fruition.  However, with the upcoming World Championships I expected to see more of Perlini and for him to take more of the mantle with him probably being one of the focal points of the GB Team but it’s been a quieter season for him that I would have expected or wanted.

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