Dan Spang


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Games Played
CHL – 8
League – 48
Challenge Cup – 8
Play Offs – 4

Total Goals: 10 / Total Assists: 22 / Total PIMs: 61

Paul Balm
Last year I wrote – “The list of teams in Spang’s CV indicate one thing over the last few years – a downward spiral – and it shows.” I saw very little this season that has made me change my mind.

Jono Bullard
I thought Spang was much better this time out, probably due to not being the lead defenceman and having some pressure taken off him.
Competent on the blue line and I felt he was missed on the occasions he didn’t ice through injury.

Andy Haywood
Thought he had a very similar season to last year, maybe slightly better. Calm on the puck, sometimes too calm which could be costly, but good vision and the occasional coast to coast effort. A battler and I felt he was better off not being the main defenceman on the team like he was last year.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
What did I say about him last season? You may as well copy that and paste it here. An under-valued member of the squad and again logged a ton of ice time. Scored some absolute belters but also caught out positionally once too often.

Adam Reddish
A reasonably decent season for the American. His rushes up ice sometimes have your heart in your mouth, particularly when plays break down, but largely sound in his own end which wasn’t always the case during the previous year. Definite improvement between last season and this season in all-round play and overall importance to the team.

Tina Taylor
When Spang first arrived in the UK, he’d not been off the plane 24 hours before icing in his first game, endearing himself to the fans no end and he was one of those that shone in a team that most of us were generally disappointed in.  He’s been a little overshadowed this season as we’ve upgraded in most categories despite having another season that should be remembered for massive achievements in Europe but again will actually be remembered for a poor domestic season.  Spang has finished his university course so it reasonable to assume he won’t be returning, it’s probably not the wrong decision, he’s done a decent job while he was with us but it’s probably time for change.

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