Dylan Richard

Richard (2)

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Games Played
League – 36
Challenge Cup – 4
Play Offs – 3

Total Goals: 10 / Total Assists: 12 / Total PIMs: 4

Joe Balm
Signed on the 29th November 2018 and only arrived on 6th April 2019.  All joking aside, Richard has been pretty non-existent for me since he arrived, there’s been many a game where I haven’t even noticed he was playing.  However he has majorly upped his game for the playoffs and been arguably one of our best players during the competition, had he played like he has been during the Playoffs since he arrived then I would be more than happy to see him return however if we have real aspirations for winning the league we can’t afford to carry an import who only turns up for the playoffs, so I wouldn’t bring him back.

Sam Balm
Signed by Chernomaz to inject some offense into the team mid-season but his performances have been far closer to Cliff Richard compared to the player he shares a nickname with, Maurice ‘The Rocket’ Richard when icing for the Panthers.  Like the other forwards Chernomaz signed mid-season he has offered very little offense to the team.  Hoping he goes on a Summer Holiday and doesn’t return to Nottingham.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Didn’t do a lot but picked up as the Play-Offs neared and was probably our best player as the season finished.  Nicknamed “The Rocket” for some reason, Richard was OK.  Another who, in my eyes, we need to upgrade on next season if we’re to improve, but I will thank him for his efforts.

Adam Reddish
Made an immediate impact by notching three assists in his debut game away at Guildford.  Unfortunately for Richard, that seemed to represent a high watermark in terms of points production from him.  Looking at his career stats, perhaps what occurred on his debut wasn’t a true reflection of what he was able to consistently offer the team, and expectations of someone joining mid-season who’d notch two points a game for the duration of the season would quickly be dashed.  What fans did see after that was an honest grafter who’d skate hard and put a shift in – particularly on the PK.  There was nothing particularly flashy about Richard’s game; he was noticeable – but never for making a jaw-dropping play, nor for being guilty of a howler that cost the team.  A bit of an average Joe sort of player (one of many on this year’s roster!), but his effort was certainly a positive characteristic.

Tina Taylor
In my opinion there were two Dylan Richard’s, there was run-of-the-mill league Dylan Richard and then there was Playoff Dylan Richard, he was fabulous in the quarter final games but up until that point I can’t recall anything of note that he did bar helping Olsen off the ice when he got injured.  If it takes flicking the Play Off switch to motivate a player then there are two things that spring to my mind, firstly, we’re primarily league motivated in UK hockey and any player who doesn’t get that shouldn’t be playing here and secondly, the Panthers aren’t doing as good a job reiterating that to the players as they claim.

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