Evan Mosey


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Games Played
CHL – 8
League – 44
Challenge Cup – 8
Play Offs – 4

Total Goals: 23 / Total Assists: 22 / Total PIMs: 29

Paul Balm
The statistic that we won just two of the games he missed tells you everything you need to know about Evan. A must sign for next season.

Jono Bullard
Brings a different dimension to the team due to his speed and that well trotted out stat that we only won two games when he wasn’t in the team shows how important he is. Hopefully Coach Chernomaz has already been on the phone with him with regards to next season.

Andy Haywood
Evan Mosey could be the most dangerous player in the league if only he could convert the chances that his speed creates on a more frequent basis. That being said, if he could do that, he wouldn’t be anywhere near this league. Good for a breakaway almost every single game due to his sheer pace, that so far as I can tell is still unmatched in the league.
Rumours of a move to Cardiff are concerning, there’s a team that doesn’t need to get stronger at the detriment of us, AGAIN (see Matthew Myers), but hopefully we can hang on to him here if he does decide to stay in the EIHL.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Didn’t have the impact most of us hoped but was still one of our leading players. His injury coincided with Panthers awful December and proved his versatility by moving onto defence after Brisebois’ departure. Another I’d like to see stay long-term as he can be a franchise player. Certainly someone I’d hate to see play against us.

Adam Reddish
Another dual-purpose player, who contributed far more to the side as a forward than he did when pushed back onto defence. His speed offensively played a big role in helping inject some urgency into the side’s often sluggish & methodical transition play by being able to turn defencemen back towards their own net and exploit spaces between them and the goal. His mid-season injury seemed to massively impact on Panthers fortunes and by the time of Mosey’s return to the line-up, the league title had sadly turned from a realistic proposition to a distant dream.

Tina Taylor
Following Evan’s December injury it came to light that during his spell out we’d only won two games.  That was an alarming stat and the debate still ranges on whether it was a coincidence or whether he really was that important a cog in the Panthers machine.  He has decent points production and we know what we’re getting with Evan, speed is a big part of his game and since coming back from the AHL when Rockford did us a massive favour by releasing him, he’s got sharper and it when he gets to the net it feels more like he might score.  A decent year for Evan, he was ready for the CHL, he guested in well on D when he was asked to and I’m very glad we beat Cardiff to the punch to have him sign on the dotted line of his electric bill! 😉

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