Jacob Doty

Doty (2)

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Games Played
League – 19
Challenge Cup – 4

Total Goals: 2 / Total Assists: 1 / Total PIMs: 43

Joe Balm
A heavyweight power forward that was brought in to bring some real toughness but also provide some offensive output on the 4th line.  Provided minimal offensive output and already having plenty of toughness on the squad, as well as there not really being anybody else in the league willing to fight him meant that his role on the team became a little obsolete and that let to him and the club parting ways.  I would not have a player similar to Doty next season because we have not needed it this season and neither have Cardiff or Belfast.

Sam Balm
Brought in to provide physicality and as the out and out fighter on the team he fell victim to the league moving away from players signed purely as enforcers.  With a lack of suitable opponents to fight and not offering any offensive output it is no surprise he was allowed to move back to America to be with his family.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Was brought in to be the main physical force on a team stacked with no nonsense players.  Was well like by all accounts in Glasgow but up there he was playing top minutes, at the Panthers he’d fit in on the 3rd and 4th lines and that would eventually spell the end as there is sadly no room in the game for pure fighters anymore.  Doty did his job, and I’d have kept him on as a squad player.

Adam Reddish
A handy signing who’d turned in some eye-catching performances in a Clan jersey the previous season.  With Chernomaz wanting his side to play a much grittier style of hockey, it was expected that Doty would be a key member of the roster.  Sadly it just didn’t work out for him in Nottingham, and with fewer fighters than ever providing protection for EIHL teams, Doty’s ability to contribute with his fists became limited and ice time subsequently dried up.  After a spell on the sidelines as a healthy scratch, it was no surprise he was released shortly after to move back to North America.

Tina Taylor
The signing of Jacob Doty wasn’t one I expected, if we were going to poach a player from another team I would never have called it being an enforcer!  I don’t think he quite endeared himself to the Panthers fanbase like he did the Clan’s, I think there was an expectation that he would contribute physically with the odd fight when required and sadly due to the game changing and the style of Panthers play changing on a weekly basis he wasn’t really able to establish himself.

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