Jaynen Rissling


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Games Played
League – 53
Challenge Cup – 7
Play Offs – 2

Total Goals: 5 / Total Assists: 20 / Total PIMs: 124

Joe Balm
Average D-man, the only thing he really provides is physicality and we’ve seen at times this season that it has come at the expense of the team.  Hasn’t provided the offensive output that we were lead to believe at the start of the season.  Wouldn’t have back.

Sam Balm
Jaynen has had his fair share of run ins with DoPS this season and, although the length of bans seem to have been decided by some Rod Stewart style ball drawing, he has been labelled as a repeat offender.  His defensive play has been average at best and as result of this and him being a marked man by DoPS I wouldn’t be looking to retain his services for next season.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
No nonsense or a liability?  At times Rissling’s temperament let him down and it led to some daft suspensions.  IMO he was very lucky not to be missing for the Play-Offs.  But he’s entertaining to watch right…however with the import rules as they are can we afford to take a gamble on a player who could spend a third of the season suspended?

Adam Reddish
A bit of a rollercoaster of a season for our tall #93.  Despite the shortcomings (we’ll address those shortly), Rissling is a very good D man who uses his size to great effect.  As part of a physically-imposing looking roster, Rissling’s willingness to throw the body in those early weeks of the season endeared himself hugely to the Nottingham faithful with some bone-crushing hits getting fans out of their seats (the mid-ice check to Ross Venus a case in point) and the signs were this roster were not going to be intimidated.  Sadly though, Rissling started to frequently just take things a little too far and overstep what refs were willing to tolerate.  He wasn’t alone in that respect, but Rissling was one of the main protagonists in overstepping the mark and this cost the side.

Unfortunate in the incident which saw Evan Mosey leave the NIC badly concussed, he was nevertheless profiled (rightly or wrongly) as someone who targeted opponent’s upper-bodies and missed six games through suspension. Another incident in an end-of-season league game in Kirkcaldy saw a needless altercation with Bari McKenzie, with Rissling lucky not to see his campaign ended right there.  Evaluating Rissling’s contribution throughout 18-19 is difficult. When he focuses on his hockey then he’s a very good D man, but there appeared to be an increasing amount of baggage following him around as the season wore on and his short-fuse cost his side during matches on several occasions.

Tina Taylor
At the beginning of the season I liked the look of Rissling, he seemed to have all the qualities I wanted in a D-man, I suppose not much has changed but unfortunately his card will probably be marked by DoPS because of the ‘repeat offender’ tag he’s managed to acquire.  I say ‘probably’ because I’m still of the impression that DoPS got the Magic 8 Ball out to decide on the length of the ban following him ruthlessly cross checking a prone on the ice McKenzie in Fife on the March Scottish triple!

I’m very torn on how I tackle this next paragraph because on the one hand, in isolation I’m not disappointed with how Rissling has played this season (bans aside), but I’m starting to get to the point where I’m saying I’m ok with all of the defence returning whilst being acutely aware that our defence as a collective was questionable at times!  Some internal conflict until I remind myself that scoring goals was more of an issue than preventing them.  If we had the opportunity to upgrade, Rissling might be one of the players I’d suggest we could upgrade on, perhaps for a clean slate if nothing else.

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