Jon Rheault

Rheault (2)

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Games Played
League – 30
Challenge Cup – 3
Play Offs – 3

Total Goals: 6 / Total Assists: 12 / Total PIMs: 28

Joe Balm
Expected him to come in and be a 1st line sniper but that just hasn’t happened, whether that is due to his long time out injured or we’ve got out of him what we would have had he not been injured.  I wouldn’t bring him back but he’s on a 2 Uni deal so he’ll likely be back next season.

Sam Balm
When Rheault was announced at the start of September as being out injured until around mid January I personally would have released him then and searched for a replacement.  It’s likely that him being on a Uni deal has saved him from this fate but nothing we have seen from him when he has been fit has suggested to me he was worth signing in the first place or deserves a second season at the club.  However, as he is on a Uni deal it is likely he will be back for 19/20.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Pre injury I liked Rheault, a lot.  He scored goals, he wound people up, and he scored more goals while winding people up.  Post injury, perhaps unsurprisingly, he was a shadow of that player, although he did score steadily.  Another meant to be on a uni deal so he’ll more than likely be back, I hope he uses the off season to get properly over his injury and we see the early season Rheault next season.

Adam Reddish
An injury-blighted season makes it hard to know whether fans actually got to see the best of Rheault after his long-awaited return.  Acknowledging that rehabilitation from serious injury is difficult, this was complicated further by the altered set of forwards Rheault returned to play alongside after his recovery.  After his return, there was little evidence that he would turn around the fortunes of an ailing set of forwards and produced a rather unmemorable 0.5 point per game record.  Hopefully a healthy off-season sees a more productive and injury-free 2019-20.

Tina Taylor
I liked the look of Rheault early in the season so I was disappointed when he got injured, I seem to recall him building up chemistry being on a line with Lacho and Pither but the injury broke the band up and when he returned there was never a reunion.  Rheault seemed to be a bit part player and never really seemed to get settled, as he’s on a Uni deal he’ll be back next season, hopefully he has a decent off-season, can return fit and healthy and also show as much passion for winning games as he can defending his team mates on twitter.

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