Kevin Henderson


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Games Played
League – 41
Challenge Cup – 6
Play Offs – 3

Total Goals: 5 / Total Assists: 18 / Total PIMs: 18

Joe Balm
When we signed Henderson I didn’t particularly expect that much from him offensively and he’s fulfilled expectation.  He’s had to spend a chunk of this season on defence which I respect him for because he clearly isn’t a Lindhagen or Mosey.  He’s a decent defensive forward and it’s claimed that he has brought a lot of leadership to this team and while I can’t talk about leadership within the dressing room, I can talk about it on the ice and for I haven’t really seen it on the ice but to be fair, I haven’t really seen any leadership from anyone else either.  For me Henderson is lacking on ice passion which we became used to seeing when watching the likes of Brown, Benedict and Francis.  Personally I wouldn’t be upset if Henderson was here next season or not.

Sam Balm
Given the pedigree Henderson arrived with I expected more from him and as a result I have been disappointed.  Whilst I appreciate he has been asked to play on defence at times I don’t feel he has played well especially when compared to previous players who have been asked to do this such as Lindhagen.  For a defensive forward his plus minus is poor and he hasn’t put up many points. Based on this I would not re-sign him for 19/20.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Ended up playing on D as the season progressed and I’m not sure it was a good thing.  Looked good early on, not a stand out by any means, but a good.  Took over the Captaincy when Lepine got hurt then reverted to Player-Assistant Coach when Chernomaz was sacked.  Not really sure what to think come the end of it all.  Some rumours that he’s our next coach, I’m also not sure what to think about that.

Adam Reddish
A difficult review to offer as he seemed to do a bit of everything throughout the season.  Signed as a forward, his versatility saw him utilised on D on numerous occasions.  A steady sort of guy who played a largely defensively-orientated game, the switch between forward, D and then spending the central chunk of the season injured led to Henderson’s 2018/19 contribution being heavily fragmented.  Didn’t perform too badly on the blue line when filling in, but his lack of mobility saw him caught out of position on a few occasions.  Reports that he shouldered the burden of day-to-day coaching duties after Chernomaz’s departure show another string to his bow, but with the results and performances falling below-par then maybe Henderson’s coaching plans should wait until he hangs up the skates.

Tina Taylor
I don’t really have anything especially good or particularly bad to say about Kevin Henderson’s general on-ice performance, he wasn’t amazing but he wasn’t terrible.  Had a couple of spells on defence when we were short and again, wasn’t amazing but wasn’t terrible.

Rumours are that Henderson was leading the training sessions post-Chernomaz on the days that Rick Strachan was at his other job which has lead to rumours that he’s going to be our next head coach, based on what we’ve been watching in the latter part of the season, I sincerely hope not!

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