Marek Tvrdon

Tvrdon (2)

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Games Played
League – 14
Challenge Cup – 2

Total Goals: 4 / Total Assists: 6 / Total PIMs: 8

Joe Balm
A player who was brought in to improve the powerplay and improve our offensive output.  However both took a nose dive once he arrived and it was also around the time that he arrived that our season started to plummet drastically.  Glad he was released because he was pretty non-existent during his time here.

Sam Balm
Possibly Chernomaz’s worst signing as head coach.  Tvrdon was brought in to be the antidote to our ailing powerplay and to provide offense.  Whilst his point production was average at best, he did nothing for the powerplay and the team was worse when he was in it.  His subsequent release didn’t come soon enough but the damage was already done.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
A point per game player for Edinburgh last season before leaving to go to Slovakia, Tvrdon was a signing quite a few saw as a potential gem.  Sadly for him and us it simply didn’t work.  Had a decent debut but did nothing else of note that I recall.  Wasn’t sad to see him go.

Adam Reddish
Personally I didn’t expect him to make too much of an impact at Panthers after his mid-season arrival and he didn’t disappoint.  A rather inoffensive player who, as you might expect from a Slovak, was a powerful skater able to transition quickly from one end of the rink to the other.  But other than his speed, Tvrdon offered little else offensively and certainly wasn’t the player Panthers needed at that juncture of the season.  Only a relatively brief stay in Nottingham and memories of his performances won’t linger long in the memory.

Tina Taylor
I was underwhelmed by the signing, underwhelmed when I saw him play and I won’t disagree with anyone who said we needed some new blood to inject some life into the team but this certainly wasn’t it!

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