Matthieu Brisebois


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Games Played
CHL – 4
League – 28
Challenge Cup – 6

Total Goals: 3 / Total Assists: 8 / Total PIMs: 43

Jono Bullard
For me our best defenceman so it was a big blow when he left, however it seems he wanted to leave and it was the right decision to let him go.

Andy Haywood
Overall a really good defenceman for the club, until he left the club in the new year. During our really bad spell in December I felt he was the only import who could hold his head high and say that he played consistently well. It wasn’t enough to stop the rot, but he was a good player and we missed him when he went.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Missed the early chunk of the season through injury but after a couple of games settled in well and was for me, along with Sauve, our best d-man. Disappointed when he left but was more disappointed with Panthers’ lack of replacement, although it gave us the chance to get Tetlow more ice time.

Adam Reddish
A steady, no frills blue-liner who played a basic game and seldom tried anything too flash. A delayed start to the season through injury wasn’t ideal and probably meant he was playing catch-up with physical conditioning as potential defensive units were forming. Didn’t do much wrong when back in the line-up, but his mid-season departure wasn’t integral to the subsequent crash in on-ice performances.

Tina Taylor
Given that we’ve had a few injury-laden seasons I wasn’t impressed with the news that Brisebois was injured in preseason and I hoped it wasn’t a sign of things to come, thankfully it wasn’t although he did have a short spell out injured during the regular season. His size belied his ability to check opposition players and he was one of those defencemen who got his head down and did his job so I was disappointed when he left and not just because it left us with a defensive conundrum when we were still looking for a replacement forward!
A capable defenceman, I liked his no-nonsense, no frills style of play and it was a shame he couldn’t see the season out with us.

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