Michael Garnett


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Games Played – 33 / SVS% – .893 / GAA – 3.33
Challenge Cup
Games Played – 4 / SVS% – .910 / GAA – 2.51
Games Played – 7 / SVS% – .923 / GAA – 2.57
Play Offs
Games Played – 1 / SVS% – .893 / GAA – 4.45

Paul Balm
I don’t think he’s ever quite reached the heights of the CHL campaign (I may write that a lot). Having said that I think there was a lot of hype and expectation around him when he came in given the places he had played before. Was he ever going to reach that? I’m not so sure.

Jono Bullard
Incredible in the CHL but didn’t really hit those heights in domestic competition. That said I think a lot of unfair criticism came his way, he certainly wasn’t to blame for our mid-season dip and many times was hung out to dry by his defence.
Will be coming back next season to complete his degree and personally I’m happy that he is returning.

Andy Haywood
Started the season in incredible form and a real stand out performer during our CHL campaign. The performance against TPS Turku at the National Ice Centre will forever stay with me, to shut out a team that good and that dominant throughout the 60 minutes was something special.
His performance dipped a little and it’s a shame that it coincided with the poor run of results in December. A lot of fans jumped on his back, something that I felt was a little unfair, but seemingly the number 1 position was lost on the back of this run when Galbraith returned from injury.
More than happy to have him back next season if he is retained by Chernomaz.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Stats wise I thought we’d signed an all star and some of his CHL performances were phenomenal. Definitely a player for the big game unfortunately was let down with some not-so all star performances. He’s coming to the end of a good career, and here’s hoping that season 2 we see more CHL Mike than EIHL Mike.

Adam Reddish
High hopes for a netminder with a vast array of top league experience on his CV. Largely met expectations with solid goaltending, particularly during CHL campaign where he was stellar – with an away performance in Zurich the highpoint of the season. But the odd lapse of concentration saw him concede a few soft goals during domestic games, particularly in those where only a low number of shots were faced. Not entirely sure sharing duties with Galbraith has helped him stay game-ready and as sharp as he possibly could be.

Tina Taylor
Mike Garnett was nothing short of superb in the CHL campaign but his league form, whilst being decent enough, didn’t quite match up to the highs we’d been treated to against opposition that on paper we had no right to beat.  We know Garnett is coming back to finish his Uni course so hopefully he can find a way to recapture the CHL form without the motivation of actually being in the CHL, if he can, we’ll have a good base to work from.

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