Patrick Galbraith


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Games Played – 27 / SVS% – .924 / GAA – 2.57
Challenge Cup
Games Played – 4 / SVS% – .890 / GAA – 3.27
Games Played – 1 / SVS% – .849 / GAA – 5.00
Play Offs
Games Played – 3 / SVS% – .924 / GAA – 3.82

Paul Balm
TCW Player of the year (as voted by the fans) and one of the few high spots of this season. Slightly prone to making mistakes in big games but out of the two import netminders in an ideal world he’d have been one I’d have kept.

Jono Bullard
A very good netminder who I would happily have had back, but the call of home has taken him away and no-one can blame him for that.
Pushed for the number one spot all season and rightly claimed that position for the play-offs.

Andy Haywood
Came into the season late as Panthers looked to strengthen the netminding core after Zacharchenko (remember him) wasn’t coming.
Started really well and pushed Garnett for the number 1 spot, something that Galbraith claimed around January time and it was clear he was the favourite when the decision for who started the big games was made. Tendency to let a soft one in every now and then, but overall a very good netminder.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Signed as we were about to finish the CHL group stage, my first thought was “holy (bleep), here’s a guy not coming to be number 2”. No longer did I see Garnett as our established number one, Galbraith proved that with some top class performances; at one time I thought we had the best goalie unit in the league by far. Unfortunately he was prone to the odd error, and without the out skaters to bail him out, we were punished. Overall though Galbraith impressed and I’d have taken him back next season.

Adam Reddish
Slightly surprising addition to the roster after the signing of the Ukrainian netminder (whose name I’m not attempting to spell!) finally fell through. That said, his performances since arriving have been one of only a handful of positives in a wretched second half of the league season. A great all-round goaltender who has justifiably kept Garnett largely confined to the sidelines since Christmas with a string of eye-catching performances which are backed up by his excellent statistics. Would have been a solid re-signing for the club if it wasn’t for a return to his homeland.

Tina Taylor
I wasn’t initially excited by the arrival of Galbraith as I’d hoped we were going to continue with the two we already had, at the time we had a fantastic starting netminder and a pretty tidy backup, why did we need a third anyway?
He’s not done bad really has he? Finished top in league save percentage (despite what Mustukovs says, he’ll probably tell you that the league have got it wrong again!) and in some people’s minds he’s taken the number one spot from Garnett.  With no European competition in the Panthers upcoming season I’d be surprised if we did go the three netminder route. I hear other EIHL teams were trying to sign him up, I’m glad he said no!

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