Robert Farmer


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Games Played
League – 54
Challenge Cup – 8
Play Offs – 2

Total Goals: 13 / Total Assists: 28 / Total PIMs: 69

Joe Balm
I like Farmer because he always tries and he’s got that agitator side to his game however I would like to see it more.  While it has been one of Farmer’s best seasons statistically, I also feel like it has been abit of a disappointing season for Farmer as well because I was hoping he would continue his form from the World Championships and improve even more but I don’t think he did.  For me Farmer needs to improve his goal scoring ability and reduce the amount of unforced errors and turnovers however that may be down to a lack of confidence which is understandable given how this season has gone.  If Farmer gets that clinical edge back and reduces his unforced errors and turnovers I think he can become one of, if not the best brit in the league.

Sam Balm
You know exactly what you are going to get when it comes to Farmer and I have been pleased with what I have seen from him this season.  He has been one one of the few players this season who has put the effort in and we have missed him when he has not been in the line-up.  Farmer is one of the few players I would retain for 19/20.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
He was the best Brit in the league for me last season along with Perlini, and he’ll have his name etched in GB folklore thanks the that goal in Budapest!  Farmer’s had, like most of the Panthers, a below-par season by his lofty standards.  He should be a no-brainer re-signing as everyone can have one off season.  I’d like to see the agitating side return though, he seemed somewhat timid this year which was strange with the players he had around him.

Adam Reddish
You know it’s been a poor season when you can’t really recall many positive contributions made by Robert Farmer.  Whilst the season’s failings cannot be levelled exclusive at Farmer’s doorstep, his usual game often seemed to lack edge, and that infamous chippiness he’s spent his whole career honing was frequently absent when his side needed a spark to get them going.  What didn’t help Farmer was the dearth of quality throughout Panthers forward lines, and it wasn’t until he was matched with Perlini and Stewart late on during the regular season that fans once more saw something akin to the combative, yet skilled, player we all love watching.  Hopefully we’ll see a revitalised Farmer next season doing what he does best; getting under the skin of opponents up and down the league!

Tina Taylor
Continued along a similar theme to previous years, the constant irritant thorn in the side of the opposition but has had another fairly inconspicuous season for me.  He’s enjoyed a resurgence towards the end of it being on a line with Stewart and Perlini and I’m glad we persisted with that line.  I’m not going to even dare to hope that we can get that line combination going next season, they don’t stay constant through the same season, never mind continuing through to a different one!

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