Robert Farmer


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Games Played
CHL – 8
League – 47
Challenge Cup – 10
Play Offs – 4

Total Goals: 12 / Total Assists: 24 / Total PIMs: 97

Paul Balm
I think Farmer has had a disappointing year. For whatever reason the agitator side of his play was missing for a lot of games and I think both his style of play and the team suffered.

Jono Bullard
Farmer is a must have player due to being British but I feel he’s not had the impact this season as he has had previously. That said he was still a nuisance around the net and would still get in the face of anyone who dared to get near the netminders whenever he was on the ice, but I felt he wasn’t the agitator that opposition fans have grown to hate over the years.

Andy Haywood
Point production dipped from the previous season and I felt that he didn’t have the same impact on the ice this season as a pest as he has done in every other season for us. I wouldn’t say I was disappointed with his performances this season, he got 29 points in the league, but I felt he didn’t live up to the high expectations that he has set himself in previous seasons. Will definitely be on the list of must signs for me as top end British players are so hard to come by, and he certainly fits that bill.
Looking at the stats from the Lithuania games for GB, he certainly has that ability, I just felt we didn’t see it as much as we were used to in Nottingham this season.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Influential Brit but seemed to suffer more than most with Panthers drop in form. I’d still keep him here long term as one average season doesn’t define a career, hopefully can kick on next year and return to the irritating power forward Panthers fans love and opposition fans detest.

Adam Reddish
A mixed season for a player who can probably now be considered a veteran despite being comfortably the right side of 30. Nothing has changed with what Farmer brought to the side during 2018. His blend of aggressive forechecking and looking for crumbs around opponents nets was evident once again, but his on-ice impact seemed to lessen as the domestic season progressed and Farmer didn’t appear to possess the physicality fans have come to expect from someone whose all-action play has rightly made him a fan favourite.

Tina Taylor
It’s been a bit of a quiet one for Farmer for me, he’s bounced around different line combinations and done whatever he can to contribute to the team.  He’s not done anything wrong but I prefer it when he gets under people skin and does all that niggly stuff that makes him the player that everyone other than Panthers fans hate but secretly they’d love him on their team, I think he needs to get more of that back into his game if he can.

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