Sam Gospel


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Games Played – 2 / SVS% – .805 / GAA – 5.76
Challenge Cup
Games Played – 1 / SVS% – .889 / GAA – 3.06
Play Offs
Games Played – 1 / SVS% – .750 / GAA – 3.00

Joe Balm
Good Brit goalie with the potential to be a starter in the EIHL but his growth has stagnated.  He’s not getting enough ice time in Nottingham at the moment with us going with the 2 import goalies which is why on occasion he’s been loaned to Telford to get ice time.  If Panthers decide to go with 2 import goalies next season then Gospel should be allowed to move on to continue his progress.

Sam Balm
Another season where Gospel has got very little ice time with the Panthers only playing in 3 games although he has seen ice time with Telford this year.  Whilst he has looked fairly decent in those games his career has arguably stagnated this season.  If the Panthers chose to go with two import goalies next season, coupled with the reformation of the EPL then we could well see Gospel move on to a team where he will get regular ice time.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Solid and deserves to be the club’s out and out back-up in my mind.  Again impressed when loaned out to “the minors” and didn’t let anyone down when he donned a Panthers shirt.  I don’t know how long he’ll be happy playing 3rd fiddle at the Panthers though.  For me he does have the potential to be a starter down the line, but he will be 26 next season so it needs to be now or never IMO.

Adam Reddish
Feel sorry for the lad and can’t really critique his contributions due to Sam being a virtual stranger.  Probably expected to get around 6-8 starts this season, but opportunities became even more scarce after Munson’s arrival.  At his age, he needs to make his mind up as to whether he wants to be #1 netminder (which might mean dropping to NIHL), or whether he’s happy being the very junior member of a duo/trio. With his undoubted quality, the latter option would be a sad waste of his potential.

Tina Taylor
Anyone who’s ever listened to one of our podcasts or follows me on Twitter will probably have gotten a sense that I’m a massive champion of Panthers young British players, Sam Gospel is no different!  I wrote last year along the lines that I was concerned about him getting lost in a three netminder situation if we were going to go that way again, eventually we did go that very way and my fears were confirmed.  Sam has potential that only competitive games will see flourish and while we’ve been pimping him out to teams in the NIHL we’ve seen almost nothing of him in a Panthers jersey.  I fear we’re going to lose him either to the newly formed ‘EPL replacement league’ or an EIHL team that’s willing to give him some game time.  Infuriating!

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