#AskTCW Podcast 1st April 2016

More questions from our listeners are discussed by Host Aaron Lord, Paul Balm, Tina Taylor & Jono Bullard in this weeks #AskTCW Podcast. They are as follows:

Why are Panthers so secretive about lengths of players deals?
What will stop claims of ‘home advantage’ for the POFW?
What will replace the ‘If you all hate…’ chant with Steelers not being there?
Do you think hockey will be picked up by the BBC seeing as they have little sport on their channels now?
Will Cam Janssen re-signing lead to some leftfield suggestions for new signings for next season?
With a good core of players returning for there second year what was missing from the team this season?
With Cam Janssen and Evan Mosey on 2 year deals but Corey not certain to return what control does he have within the team if any?
Was Monday’s game The Panthers best performance of the season?
We were all disappointed about Boxill leaving, do you think he’s progressed at Belfast?
Given the standard of our referees, does the 4-man system improve the officiating of a game, or make it worse?
With the MK Lightning move to EIHL and Phoenix having financial difficulties how long can the EPL survive?
What are the negatives about MK joining the EIHL? Why might this actually be a bad thing for the league?
Should Nottingham Lions step up into the EPL So that Panthers have a feeder team like Steelers are now doing with Steeldogs?
Other than their team winning, what do fans want at a play off weekend?

Many thanks to everyone who sent in questions for us to discuss.

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