#AskTCW Podcast 4th March 2016


More listeners questions are discussed by host Aaron Lord, Jono Bullard, Tina Taylor & Andy Haywood on this weeks #AskTCW Podcast.
This week we cover the following:
Should Panthers rest players on Friday so they’re ready for Sunday?
Should Panthers start re-signing players for next season like other clubs?
Is David Clarke the correct person to captain Panthers?
What do we think of David Simms on Periscope?
Should the rule be changed to allow pucks to be kicked in?
Is Cam Janssen being targeted by referees?
Has Cam Janssen been used correctly this season?
Seeing how close the league is does this prove the conference system actually works?
Is another import spot next season a good thing?
What are Panthers chances of making the Play-Off weekend and what will be the ramifications if they don’t?

Many thanks to everyone who sent us questions to discuss.

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