Edition 25 – #AskTCW Special

Because of the numbers of #AskTCW question we had sent to us this week, we recorded this section of this weeks Podcast as a stand-alone special.
Jono Bullard, Paul Balm, Andy Haywood, Tina Taylor & Aaron Lord discuss the following questions sent in by our listeners:

Is it a good idea to be letting our players play through injury?
Do Panthers fans ask for too much or are we really profit over substance?
Is Gary Moran’s position as GM untenable?
Is it the last year for Corey and if so who is to take over?
Do you think Chris Lawrence will now stay being as the club are selling sponsorship packages for him?
Can Panthers defence cope with the players they have or do they need to make changes? With Wiikman playing injured or with Green they have conceded a lot of goals. Did Wiikman make the D look better than it is?
Comments about Oakford having to be “babysitted” and then the Dan Green thing today – does CN need to think before he speaks?
What changes would you like to see with regard to the relationship between Panthers and it’s fans (if any)?

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