Edition 30 – #AskTCW Podcast 12th February 2016


Lots more questions from listeners are discussed by Jono Bullard, Paul Balm, Tina Taylor & Andy Haywood in this weeks #AskTCW Podcast.

Topics up for discussion in this edition are:

What would you consider a satisfactory result to keep Corey Neilson?
Would fans pay an extra £1 per ticket to have more experienced officials from North America?
What’s your thoughts on officiating and the contentious calls that have been makeover the season thus far?
Do you reckon video technology would improve EIHL games or just lead to more stoppages & challenges?
If this is to be Corey Neilson’s last season who is on your wish-list to replace him?
If Gary was not the Panthers GM who do you guys think would make a good replacement?
Would a KHL team playing in London really benefit the Elite League?
Should face-cages be made compulsory to prevent injuries?
Are any Brits having a “really good” season?
Would it be feasible to run with two import net minders from next season?

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