Tim Billingsley

Billingsley (2)

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Games Played
League – 53
Challenge Cup – 8
Play Offs – 3

Total Goals: 4 / Total Assists: 17 / Total PIMs: 51

Joe Balm
Poor season for Billingsley, he was dropped for a number of games by Chernomaz for no obvious reason.  Not great defensively, hasn’t provided the level of offence he did last year and offers little to no physicality.  Don’t want him back next season.

Sam Balm
I was surprised when Billingsley was announced as returning to the Panthers for a second season which has seen a significant reduction in his point production.  In both seasons he has failed to live up to his nickname of ‘The Billdozer’ as he displays little to no physicality.  Despite him having British dual nationality I have no interest in his services being retained as I believe there is far better available.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Not the player we had in 2017/18 which was a disappointment.  Tim became Mr Versatility and was used as a forward for a portion of games, before losing his place altogether before getting back in the team towards the end of the season.  Wouldn’t surprise me to see him in the EIHL again next season, but I don’t expect to see him back at the Panthers.  Interesting call-up to the GB Squad, hope he does well.

Adam Reddish
A reliable member of the D corps who let no one down this season despite Chernomaz’s extremely harsh decision to make him a healthy scratch on several occasions.  Individual recollections of Tim’s memorable moments are few and far between given his no frills style of hockey, but that’s no slight on his game, and a stint as a forward demonstrated his versatility.  Arguably not as noticeable as his debut season in Nottingham, but on a thoroughly utilitarian and underwhelming roster such as this year’s, players like Billingsley are never realistically going to stand out.

Tina Taylor
Tim Billingsley was one of the players I was happy to see return from last season, did a decent job without much fuss, seems to have carried that forward to this season too and actually flourished when asked to take up a position on the forward lines part way through the season.  He performed well too and was in danger of outscoring some of the forwards at the rate he was going.  In fact, why didn’t we just keep him there, lord knows we needed the goals!

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