Tyler Biggs

Biggs (2)

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Games Played
League – 24
Challenge Cup – 3

Total Goals: 4 / Total Assists: 7 / Total PIMs: 61

Joe Balm
A jack of all trades but a master of none type player.  A player who somewhat polarised the fan base but personally I didn’t mind him.  However, had he stayed the season, I don’t think I would have brought him back because although he had a few different elements to his game, we did not see them enough.

Sam Balm
Biggs was player who filled a variety of roles whilst with the Panthers but was a master of none.  Signed by Chernomaz to provide offense and a physical style of player he offered very little of either and it’s no surprise he was allowed to move on to Kalamazoo.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
For me he was the biggest loss of all of those who left the Panthers before the end of the season.  Biggs started as a pure energy player but then started adding goals.  By the time he left, he was one of our stand-out players for me.

Adam Reddish
A largely forgetful spell in Nottingham.  Made a limited impact on the ice, with fans largely disappointed with his contributions.  The only surprise was that he was axed so deep into the season as it was clear things weren’t working out with his own game clearly suffering.  One of a long line of forgettable import forwards Panthers recruited during 2018-19.

Tina Taylor
I wasn’t surprised that we lost a few players this season but I was surprised that Tyler Biggs was the first to go, there was obviously something that he didn’t like about playing for the Nottingham Panthers as I definitely got the sense that he left rather than was pushed.  Again, goals were missing and there wasn’t anything that really made him stand out.

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