Yann Sauvé


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Games Played
CHL – 8
League – 54
Challenge Cup – 9
Play Offs – 4

Total Goals: 17 / Total Assists: 34 / Total PIMs: 110

Paul Balm
If there’s a single player that sums up this season it’s Sauve. Great at times, undisciplined and out of sorts in others. Played with the right linemate he could have been brilliant. Sadly, too often it was all heaped on his shoulders.

Jono Bullard
You could tell that Yann Sauvé was a class above. Smooth skating, good stick handling and excellent going forward. However after a sensational start I felt he began to play well within himself which led to errors and daft penalties.
Already revealed that he won’t be returning which I’m honest is a shame, because a Sauvé playing at 100% every shift would tear this league apart.

Andy Haywood
Tendency to make the easy look difficult at times, but overall a real gem of a signing. 37 points in the league, 9 in the Challenge Cup, 3 in the Playoffs and 2 in the CHL proves how dangerous he was in the attacking zone, especially in OT at times, thinking back to the Mountfield HK home game where, along with Phillips and Derlago, he bossed that opening shift and won the game. In his own defensive zone, he was more than adequate and his vision up the ice and calm puck possession was a real asset for the team.

Antoine Marie-Jeanne
Offensively, for me, the best d-man in the league. But perhaps typical with this Panthers team, was prone to the odd costly rickett which inevitably cost us. Logged a tonne of ice time, skated well, passed well, and a cracking shot. On top of that he wasn’t afraid to get his nose dirty. I’d have liked him back this season.

Adam Reddish
Much expected from a high calibre blueliner, and his dominant CHL performances augured well. Clearly Neilson’s ‘go to’ D-man, the vast ice-time he logged and his presence on special teams has given Sauve much exposure, but often guilty of trying too much and overplaying the puck during shifts. Maybe his overuse resulted in some burnout and fatigue down the stretch? A good season overall, but suffered along with the others during an awful December and struggled to remain a dominant force beyond Christmas.

Tina Taylor
Yann Sauvé is a better player than we deserve but it’s not the first time we’ve given a player the chance to reinvent themselves when they’ve had to take an extended period out and, of course, we had the CHL carrot to dangle.  Sauvé was the time on ice leader in our CHL campaign and although it’s not something we have the resources to record in the EIHL it doesn’t take a genius to see that it was the same story domestically because he was relied upon in all situations; by and large he delivered.  Sauvé hasn’t really been any less reliable per-se through the second half of the season but he has been busier and has gotten more frustrated and mistakes have crept in, if the season hadn’t gone south in general after the CHL was over I think we might have seen more from him.

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